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Renew Your Favourite Furniture

Refresh your style or maintain a preferred look with our service and fabric selection...

Replace Sagging Seat Cushions

Fill in the gap. We custom cut foam to meet your exact specifications.

Salvage Your Stuff

Enrich the appearance, functionality, and durability of your favourite furniture.

Restore the Look

Allow our re-dyeing expertise to enhance the look of your leather.

Top-Tier Upholstery Services in Ottawa

Trust Ottawa Textiles 2000 Inc for all your upholstery, furniture repair and drapery needs. We have over 35 years of experience in the upholstery industry and serve both residential and commercial clients throughout the Ottawa area. In addition to our large inventory of fabric in various patterns and materials, our onsite interior decorator can custom order something special to suit your needs.

Upholstery in Ottawa for Restaurants and Hotels

Barstools, restaurant booths, chairs and other furniture work overtime at busy establishments. If you have torn, faded, ripped or stained seats, contact Ottawa Textiles 2000 Inc. We can restore your commercial furniture to a like-new or better condition with new fabric, foam and cotton stuffing. You'll save the expense of furniture replacement and please your guests with a fresh, new decor!

An Emphasis on Friendly

Ottawa Textiles 2000 Inc is a family-run company that provides reliable, trustworthy service. We believe in one-on-one personalized service and offer free pick-up and delivery for your convenience. We don't believe in taking shortcuts with your furniture repairs or window dressings.

Just Look at Everything We Do!

Reupholstering furniture
Building and recovering cornice boards
Recovering headboards
Creating or recovering decorative pillows
Replacing filling/stuffing

Autos • RVs • Boats • Planes

Vintage and modern

Auto full interiors




Door panels



Convertible tops

Luxury coach furniture and valances

Semi cab interiors

Seat covers

Motorcycle seats

Airplane interiors

Boat interiors


Transportation companies

Car dealerships

School districts


Movie theaters


Local businesses


Theater set furniture

Boat and automobile upholstery

Residential and commercial upholstery

Restaurant and hotel upholstery

Custom Made Drapery

Interior decorator advice and tips

Drapery service

Foam supplies

Furniture repair


Contact us for more information.

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