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Dependable Repairs for Damaged Furniture in Ottawa

It can be tough to find a replacement sofa, armchair, or dining table that fits your current space and lifestyle as well as the one you already have. Don’t allow a damaged frame, loose stitching, or a wobbly leg detract from your comfort and enjoyment. If you have damaged furniture, Ottawa Textiles 2000 Inc can do more than simply recover it. Our restoration specialists repair broken legs, arms, seats, and backs with equal confidence. Not ony will we make the necessary repairs, but our precision craftsmanship can actually strengthen the piece in question. Our team is skilled in handling all of the following:

Repairing broken supports

Re-sewing stitches

Fixing rips

Restoring scratches on couches and chairs

Tightening loose joints

Replacing missing pieces and hardware

Correcting broken mechanisms

Ottawa Textiles 2000 Inc can improve the condition and visual appeal of practically any furniture piece within your home. Get in touch with us today for an estimate on our services.

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