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Re-dyeing of Leather

Re-dyeing Leather in the Ottawa Region

Whether you’re wearing it, or you’ve furnished your home with it, items made from leather add a touch of durable elegance to any setting. Of course, accidents happen and frequent use makes these products susceptible to wear and tear. Re-dyeing leather can help. At Ottawa Textiles 2000 Inc, we possess the experience and tools to restore your property. Our water-based, environmentally-friendly products work on both imported and domestic hides/leather. Not only will we have your item looking like new with our deep cleaning and conditioning techniques, but we can also change the item’s original colour upon request.

Our re-dying and restoration services can help repair the following:







Don’t settle for cheap commercial products that will only gloss over surface damage. Restore your leather product the right way by getting in touch with the professionals at Ottawa Textiles 2000 Inc.

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