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Refinishing & Caning

Refinishing and Caning: Quality Furniture Repairs in Ottawa

People take pride in their furnishings. Whether it’s a unique piece found at a yard sale in need of some love or a family heirloom that has seen better days, Ottawa Textiles 2000 Inc is your source for quality furniture repairs in the Ottawa region. Not only do we possess the materials to refinish your item, but we can also complete it with our range of expert repairs. If you require reliable furniture restoration, we invite you to give us a call today.


Add new life to a dull finish. Ottawa Textiles can remove the colour from any existing wood piece in order to re-apply a new colour. Our services include:

Touch ups for scratches, gouges and dings

Gold leaf repairs

Work on damaged top coats and surfaces

Moving damage fixes

Water damage restoration

Distressed finishes


We repair, refinish, and cane all old-style cane chairs including:

Hand cane

Pressed cane


Specialty cane furnishings

From wood to leather, Ottawa Textiles 2000 Inc is your go-to source for furniture restoration. Contact us today.

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